Structured Cabling - Backbone of your data network
“We provide CAT5e, CAT6 and Fiber structured cabling services.”
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“We provide support via telephone, email, remote, and on-site.”

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Desktop/Server Support.
“Server Maintenance, Roll Out, Migration, Recovery and Procurements”

-Senior IT Consultant
Server Specialist.
All type of Cloud services available. Get in touch
“Hosted Exchange, Cloud CRM, Cloud Storage, Hybrid Cloud and much more.”
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Our Services.

We like to think of ourselves as an extension to your business whereby we look after your IT infrastructure & you concentrate on your core business.

We provide all type of IT services currently used at home and in small and medium sized enterprises across United Kingdom.
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Service Delivery.

We pride ourselves in providing premium IT support & consultancy service to our clients. 

Our work ethic dictates that we will only take on a project if we believe we can deliver a very high quality niche service/product to our client, otherwise we rather not take on the project. It is all about rep for us.  
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Small list of our services .

1. Structured Cabling CAT5e, CAT6
2. Desktop / Server Support
3. Server Upgrades & Migration
4. Server Recovery
5. Remote Monitoring & Support
6. Data Backup & Recovery
7. MS Exchange Support
8. Cloud Backup
9. IP Based CCTV
10. Internet Redundancy   
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