We partner with Symantec and highly recommend all our clients to use their world class backup and data loss prevention software
as well as data encryption softwares.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention    
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The Market-Leading Data Loss Prevention Solution.  With Symantec Data Loss Prevention, you can discover where data is stored across
your cloud, mobile, and on-premises environments; monitor how it’s being used on and off your corporate network; and protect it from
being leaked or stolen.

Key Features
Symantec extends data loss prevention to the cloud and across all of your high-risk data loss channels, so you can discover, monitor,
and protect your information more completely and effectively.

Discover where data is stored across your cloud, mobile, and on-premises environments.
how data is being used, whether your employees are on or off the network.
data from being leaked or stolen—no matter where it’s stored or how it’s used.

New Features
As information moves out of your hands and into the cloud, it raises concerns about security, privacy and
compliance. Symantec DLP addresses these issues so you can take advantage of the cloud with control and visibility.
Visibility and control for cloud email and storage.

DLP Cloud Prevent for Microsoft Office 365 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s hosted email service, Exchange Online, to give you
deep visibility and control of sensitive messages sent by business users. DLP Cloud Storage is a new cloud discovery product that
gives you deep visibility into the sensitive files that business users are storing and sharing on Box.  The Cloud File Sync and Share
feature monitors and prevents users from syncing sensitive files from their desktop to cloud storage sites including Box, DropBox,
Google Drive, Hightail, iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive.

Easy to deploy in the cloud and on-premises.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) support enables fast out-of-the-box deployment of DLP content detection servers in the AWS Cloud.
Once deployed, you can easily discover, monitor and protect sensitive data stored in AWS-hosted instances of Microsoft Exchange
and SharePoint.  Single-Server support enables fast out-of-the-box deployment of the DLP management server, content detection
servers, and Oracle database on a single physical server for branch offices or small organizations, and lowers hardware and
maintenance costs.

Key Benefits
Keeping sensitive corporate information safe and compliant has never been easy. Symantec’s comprehensive approach to
information protection embraces today’s eroding security perimeters, increasing targeted attacks, and evolving user habits and

Expands the reach of your data loss prevention capabilities to include cloud environments and mobile devices.
Extends security and compliance policies beyond the borders of your own network.
Delivers low total cost of ownership with proven deployment methodologies, intuitive policy and incident management tools,
and comprehensive coverage across all of your high-risk channels.

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